Jessica Simpson And Jennifer Hudson Watchers Weigh Campaign

Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Simpson Weight Watchers

Jessica Simpson And Jennifer Hudson Watchers Weigh 360 Campaign United for the Same Cause: Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Simpson lend their image and voice, to promote Watchers Weigh 360, a plan to help you to lose weight for real people in a real way. To do this they have decided to join this initiative and they have almost succeeded.
Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Simpson Weight WatchersBoth wanted to start 2013 differently and therefore have decided to say goodbye to those extra pounds left over for them to become an image of the diet plan.

With five sizes Jennifer and Jessica are fewer players in the TV commercial of the brand, and in it you can see what they have achieved after conciseness of your problem.

People magazine reported about both of their weight, and they can see that it is something that really worried. “I’ve been overweight all my life,” Hudson says in the ad, while Simpson admits that “I’ve been obsessed with my weight throughout life.

It looks like both felt bad about their physical condition and therefore wanted to make a radical change.

Now everything is different. They look terrific, and most importantly, confident, and corroborated their words “I’m amazed my image,” says Jessica, while Jennifer acknowledges that “Naturally I feel so much healthier.”

So comment and seeing the results it appears that this technique works, but the most important is to want to live a healthier lifestyle so that everything goes well.

In another spot of the company has confirmed that Jennifer Hudson is pregnant for the second time, although according collects People, “I will not follow the program during pregnancy“, an idea quite logical as the most important thing is the health of the child. After losing over 20 kilos singer deserves a break.