The risk premium is “a hoax”, said Italiano Silvio Berlusconi

The risk premium is

The risk premium is "a hoax", said Italiano Silvio BerlusconiThe risk premium is “a hoax”, said Italiano Silvio Berlusconi:┬áThe former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has said on Tuesday that the government led by Mario Monti has left Italy in a “much worse” than he had when he was Prime Minister.

Berlusconi has said the government technocrat who has led Italy Monti has led to “a crisis much worse” than the situation we had in the country when he was prime minister. “With this government, GDP fell more than 2 percent.

All economic indicators are worse than when we were in government. Everything has gotten worse,” said ‘Il Cavaliere’.

“There is no real reason that markets have to shake,” said ‘Il Cavaliere’, in relation to the market reaction to his return to politics and government at the end of technocrats who led Mario Monti.

“Enough about this deception. Before we had never heard of the premium, who cares?. Has been used to try to bring down a majority vote by the Italians. Behind the crisis is a German strategy” has said, in an interview with the TV channel Canale Cinque, part of its media group, Mediaset.

Berlusconi also spoke on key domestic policy and has said he would not rule retake the name for his Forza Italia party, now called the People of Freedom, while he assured that only ten percent of the current parliamentary repeated lists in the upcoming legislative elections.

“The 50 percent of the candidates have decided that come from the business world, 20 will come from local governments that have worked well, ten percent of the world of culture and the other ten percent will come from the current parliamentary “he said, explaining the composition of lists that will accompany the next election.

Finally, Berlusconi has spoken about the possibility of reaching a coalition agreement with the Northern League, the group led by Roberto Maroni.

“This afternoon I meet with Maroni to discuss a national partnership, the affairs of the program and also about the possibility of an alliance for regional elections,” he concluded.