Super Hot Celebrities Showing off Beauty Tips

Emma Wastson

Super Hot Celebrities Showing off Beauty Tips: Every beauty has its own beautiful way to help them become more beautiful and attractive in every day of life specially in the Celebrity Lifestyle. Because they need it.
Emma WastsonEmma Wastson shared : “Professional Makeup Linda Cantello showed me how or when broaching mascara lem. Get damp cotton wipe traces lem and immediately use concealer to overcome.
 Taylor-SwiftTo prolong time after red lipstick, country music princess Taylor Swift has the following simple tips: Apply lip balm first 5 minutes and then coated with pollen. Powder will help balance oily lipstick, keep lip color.
Lauren ConradTo reduce eye puffiness, Lauren Conrad up for cold potato slices on the eyes and leave for about 15 minutes. This is simple but has helped Lauren prettier.
RihannaRihanna said: “You want to have a sexy body, sexy girl beautiful? Let’s take the time to go for a swim and soak up the cool water!“.
Cameron DiazWhen asked about the secret to keeping in shape slender young woman, “Charlie’s Angels” – Cameron Diaz revealed that exercise, a healthy diet, smile and … sex!
Sarah-Jessica-ParkerSexy body of her “Sex and the City,Sarah Jessica Parker: “I do yoga whenever possible. It not only helped me to have a healthy body but also really useful for my body.
Emma StoneEmma Stone revealed: “To keep your face youthful, radiant, there are three things I never missed a daily basis, that is: moisturize, sleep and drink plenty of water.”
Actress Charlize TheronCharlize Theron said: “I always want to be beautiful whether they are in the red carpet or not. So, before you leave the house, I’m going to wash your face thoroughly with cold water, use sunscreen, use a little foundation and mascara.
Jennifer GarnerFor healthy skin, every time out, Jennifer Garner always use sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Not only for yourself, your mother is still very popular to use sunscreen natural origin for the beloved child.