Police Found Evidences of Connecticut School Shooting


Police Found Evidences of Connecticut School Shooting: Police investigating the killing at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, where on Friday killed 26 people, has found “Good Evidence” that would explain the reasons for the attacker. In the killing of  killed 20 children and six adults, and the assailant, a 20 year old who committed suicide.

The research we have developed over the crime scenes (…) have produced very good evidence in this study suggest that our detectives will be able to use them, we hope, to rebuild completely what happened and how and, most important, why did this happen, ” said a spokesman for the Connecticut State Police, Lt. Paul Vance, at a press conference.

Vance has refused to give details of what they have learned, but has revealed that the assailant broke in Sandy Hook in school – with students aged 5 to 10 years – even though he had not been allowed step.

Moreover, the police reported in a statement that the woman found in the second scene of the crime was a family of the attacker, identified by police sources as Adam Lanza. Specifically, U.S. media say it’s his mother, Nancy Lanza.

   The woman was a gun collector and apparently owned two pistols, a Glock and a Sig Sauer, and Bushmaster M4 rifle of 223 millimeters.

The attacker would have used some of these weapons to kill their victims. The research work has continued during the night, which has allowed this morning and have moved all the forensic institute state bodies to perform their autopsies. However, they still have not released the names of the deceased.

The paradox of Newtown, where the tragedy happened, managed to place fifth in the ranking of the safest cities in the United States compiled by the website NeighborhoodScout.com, who used to study statistics crimes of 2011.