Patrik Svajda and Zlatica Puskarova spending beautiful Christmas Holidays


Patrik Svajda and Zlatica Puskarova spending beautiful Christmas HolidaysPatrik Svajda and Zlatica Puskarova spending beautiful Christmas Holidays: Famous screen faces ‘Zlatica Pusksrovs’ and ‘Patrik Svajda’, while spending most beautiful of holidays as a family.

But, plus one day presenter this year remains at Patrick’s celebration of Christmas as a second in order.

Svajda is the first day on Christmas evening with ex-wife, and then choose your sons to Puskarova. Honey, this does not bother you?

Exactly two years ago between Svajdova Slavka ex-wife and his current partner forsythia unleashed a media war.

“Pato is ten years every Christmas Eve with us, to Friday, with Samko and me. Always arrange for Christmas so that on Christmas Eve with us, “said Mussel.

Forsythia it seems to hurt, because then Svajda ex-wife sent word that is smug.

Puskarova to address Mussels long silent. Even after the birth of a their son Svajda a common Puskarova But things change. According to our information, the following holidays will spend the first presenter and ex-wife with the children, and then select a forsythia and their common son Leo.

“First, I am going to home for parents to lime, where we have dinner at half past four in the boys Samko and Friday.

Then I was waiting for the second night in a pot, which will come with the boys as forsythia and Leo. So I can manage on Christmas day two dinners, “he said.

He seems to be a very good manager, because according to our findings dinner with honey is scheduled for a half sixth, will therefore have to do that all he could.

Patch for moderator but when the Christmas Eve table can be an update.

For the first time takes sons and with it receive a Christmas dinner with Forsythia. That may be so for a while the appearance of a large and happy family. “We’re going outside Bratislava.

First, the boys with Patrick and with them will come over and we will all be together for Christmas Eve table, “said our Host, which spoil the mood or that the Boxing Day service will be on TV.