Monica Cruz Black Look with Leggings Sweater And Leather Jacket

Monica Cruz Hot Look with Leather Jacket

Monica Cruz Hot Black Look with Leggings Sweater And Leather Jacket: It is the first public appearance of Monica Cruz since last month knew that the young actress is expecting her first child. It was last Thursday at the premiere of the new show of Joaquin Cortes in the Teatro Calderon Caser.
Monica Cruz Hot Look with Leather Jacket Monica made an exception in the silence that has kept until now but was very discreet in her answers. According to information published about her first son, who does not know the sex or who the father is, the world will come next May.

She said that Christmas is going to celebrate “in family and very quiet” with her mother and friends. She stated that pregnancy is “good” and not intended to specify how many months is. Monica continues to maintain a slim figure and wore a total black look with leggings, sweater and leather jacket.

Norma Duval will enjoy their first holiday as a grandmother and said she is “very cute, like my son. Weighs five kilos already, and that he was born with one month’s notice, is a beautiful child.” She would not talk about a possible marriage and said she has no plans to marry at all: “I’m very well.”

Neither want to miss the show Passion Vega, Toni Salazar with her boyfriend, Roberto Liano, Red Rain, Begoña García and Pedro Trapote Vaquero; Miriam Diaz Aroca, Maria Barranco, Santiago Segura and Pedro Ruiz and others.

Carlos Lozano discussed his upcoming work and that has fallen in love: “I’m going to Peru because I offer the opportunity to recognize me as a professional. There is something special in Peru, is an actress, host, everything, but I will not say name “.

It seems that all our celebrities will be in good company at Christmas.