Kim Kardashian Debuts New Look on Twitter:  The American TV star and Hot Model Kim Kardashian has decided to start the new year with a change of style. And there’s nothing better than a makeover to begin with strength and hope the new year, and it has cut the bangs and given some fuses that illuminate your look.
Kim Kardashian Debuts New Look on TwitterBrunette, blonde, with extensions or without extensions. Kim Kardashian is like all the stars, so cute, and loves to take care of your hair and change it frequencies. To start 2013 strongly, television presenter 32 years it has extensions and bangs to the side.

Kim was put into the hands of her hairdresser, Chris McMillan, and then wanted to show up a picture of her transformation in Instagram account, to the delight of all her followers.

A few hours later, the photographers were in the airport in Los Angeles and the flashes did not stop, and they all wanted to have the snapshot of the young with their new look.