Katka Knechtova: Why three days did not speak?

Katka Knechtova: Why three days did not speak?

Katka Knechtova: Why three days did not speak?Katka Knechtova: Why three days did not speak?: Successful singer Katka Knechtova has recently returned from a vacation in Hawaii. In addition to sunbathing on the beach and exploring the island was given to the tourism and meditation. They even did not speak for three days. Why?

Talented singer Slovak only two weeks ago returned from a holiday in exotic Hawaii.

“In a word – I was fine. I was leaving at the end of October and I spent nearly three weeks there. I have to admit that Hawaii was my dream holiday destination. Just for those trashy shirts and image that Hawaii has. It was an accident. If someone had told me then, come to Alaska, I would have gone, “he laughs. Not spend holidays alone, but alongside his friend and trainer have.

“It was not a holiday classic that we just lay on the beach. We walked together three islands. We started on Kauai, then we learned about Maui and we ended up on the Big Island. “Instead of tanning on the beach get to know the country went to the volcano passed various canyons, local mountains and said to last a few days resting at the beach.

Kate is like being on holiday can explore the country. And indeed, in Hawaii it is something to look at. In addition to strenuous all-day hikes you love and snorkeling. “I swam alongside turtles, what was that experience.”


Carefree vacation ended, however, at the moment the earthquake struck Alaska. It is said that if given a warning that just might hit Hawaii tsunami.

“We found ourselves in the evacuation zone as some places the beach was closed. Fortunately, however, nothing happened. Just big waves came, but it was not a classic wool that sweep away everything with it, “describes a situation in which it found itself. In addition, Kate admits he was always against such natural disasters respect and fear.

“I dread the tsunami. Whenever we were somewhere, I was stressed out from what I was doing, where I’d climbed and hid. When we announced when the tsunami threat, I told you enough. Whatever happens, what should happen. I went to sleep, “laughs Kate.

HAWAIIAN shirt is fake

As for the locals, they were very nice and smiling. He even tried to dance with them and their typical Hawaiian hula dance. “It was fun. Dancers basically their gestures and dances express exactly what is in the text of the songs. Typical grass skirt but I did not dare to give. ”

Although Hawaii is the typical color floral shirt, singer ever neočarila. “Something like tacky Hawaiian shirt I saw a long time ago. Nevertheless, there is a very popular and many people wear it. Funny was that even men’s toilets were marked just the mentioned shirt, “he says with amusement.

THREE DAYS not speak

In addition to physically demanding hikes to pay Kate and meditation to impart psychological well-being. “We were in a monastery, where we talked all three days. We just received a variety of tasks and go to places that are full of energy.

Man is basically focused to unnecessarily thought about. It was a test of nerves and patience, but a lot I learned about myself. “What it was, however, not tell us. “I’ll keep to myself, but I recommend to everyone.”

Randy unusual

Kate, in addition to tourism given the improvement of your character. In addition, there was the trainer who said even exotics missed his dressage.

“We went jogging every morning. And one day I was running around in the jungle and suddenly some or no meter from me, she was a wild boar with tusks reaching to heaven. I really was huge. My feet froze so that I could not even move. I’ve wondered what to do, where to climb. Finally, the pig ran away. The best part was that at all times be small and if they decided to attack me, I would not have a chance. In Presov I live in the woods, but I had to go to Hawaii, so I got to it this close, “they wonder.

Crisis also hit musicians

Katka is doing well at work. Finally, the already legendary opening act for The Cranberries and more recently the band Garbage. “I talk to prosecute the drummer and I gave him our CD. They were very nice and open as the Cranberries. ”

What singer is waiting in the future, to know itself. Apparently after a certain time has ceased to plan things. “I try to listen to their interior and do not force things. All are madly and then bounce somewhere. I feel myself that if I was forced into new things, so it would not work. ”

Again, this is why many times thought about the fact that the song ends completely. “A number of times! Since singing solo, so I already thought. Before that, however, was different. It was the pressure as a band we were unable to determine the time to relax. Now that I know the manager controlled and prevented. I also have projects like The Cubes, where I can relax, “he admits.

As in any industry always inflects the financial crisis has touched the very female singers? “Yes, we all perceive the crisis. But I belong among the lucky ones who still have concerts and full calendar. We are dependent on the people to have money to go and buy a ticket for the concert. It’s a vicious circle. ”

Cheeky THIEF

The big question is the singer’s private life, which does not speak to the media. Or did not disclose whether it has any present partner. “It’s my secret,” she said. The secret, however, is that two years ago her beloved dog was stolen. And this loss is still unable to cope.

“We then photographed some pictures of The Cubes, and they should have some kind of live props. It was the Pharaoh Hound. Podhrabali a fence and fled. The older girl Mona is able to return, but the younger Ramon anymore. Since they were together, so it had been stolen. Then a lot of people involved, looking for him, but nothing. As if the earth fell. The first of December it will be two years since it happened. Since then I have only one dog, as it was for me quite a big trauma to I bought a new dog again. I have yet to nerozchodila. I hope, however, that it is at least good, “Kate said sadly.