Dexter, The Dark Passenger Exposed Episode Recap

Dexter, The Dark Passenger Exposed Episode Recap

Dexter, The Dark Passenger Exposed Episode RecapDexter, The Dark Passenger Exposed Episode Recap (Summary): There’s a ghost free in Miami. And no, I do not mean the new serial murderer nicknamed the ghost that makes people in the fire and signs his crime scenes with “is Bobby”.

We refer to this show ghost is connective tissue the reasoning behind why Dexter is who he is, really. The thing in the center of this show:-  Dexter Dark Passenger. During most of the life of this show, Dexter Ghost reasoning has always hung in the balance of his followers of The Code. Until now.

Tonight’s episode of Dexter focuses heavily on favorite serial murderer all agree with what it is and what it does. You see, you always know he’s a murderer, but the murderer always blame could be placed on his dark passenger because “this thing is like living inside me that tells me what to do, and left me no choice.” Dexter But tonight, he realizes that he is, in fact, have a lot of options, and he chooses, man. Perhaps in a way that sets the stage for the fall of Dexter Morgan likely.

The idea of choice is something interesting to Dexter’s psyche. He always believed that his impulses were a part of him that could not change, just hold, hence the code. Dexter has always detached from the need to kill that made things easy. During all this time, I never realized what it always has been: a feeling. And when Dexter realizes he is actually the murderers because of his methods, he has a bit of an existential crisis.

When you treat your bad qualities as a separate entity of his own person, which certainly makes it easier to sleep at night. It was not me, it was my Dark Passenger, guys! It is also what makes the character who really want to see Dexter kill again, because he is killing the bad guys!

Treat as separate allows the public to accept their behavior as good. When off the clock of the Dark Passenger, this seems like a pretty normal who just wants to raise his son and live your life. When Dexter finally decide to love someone else, takes the audience to think, maybe so, maybe because he is really in love at this time, will be able to re-evaluate his life and live normally. But that’s not what it really is: Dexter is a murderer.

While breaking into the office of juvenile records to discover the identity of The Phantom, Dexter and his father talk about his Dark Passenger. Dexter thought it was his father who gave him the word, but Harry remembers it differently: he only gave Dexter The Code. Everything else was Dexter doing.

Dexter always thought the “it” that got into the “too soon” was the Dark Passenger, but Harry only meant the horrible trauma from its beginnings as a child witnessed the death of his mother. The Dark Passenger is no more real than Harry Dexter fictions so often waxes philosophically in each episode.

Everything is Dexter has always been and always will be. For someone who says that everything is under your control, you have no control over their own emotional needs. Hypocrisy much, Dexy? How can you say that everything is under control and then say that his Dark Passenger is completely uncontrollable? It is a human emotion, and free will means that you can control your own actions. Now he has to accept that he wants to kill, not that he has to kill.

We hate to say it, but without Isaak Sirko Dexter around to help learn and discover the mystery inherent human emotions, it seems doubtful he will recover from the influence of Hannah McKay. As much as Isaak was a bad guy, at least understand that the complexity of human emotions and logic are uncontrollable.

And the relationship with our less friendly Isaak-by-the-minute serial murderer was constantly challenged Dexter thought process. I could have learned a lot of Isaak. With the death of Isaak, however, we see that metaphorical Pandora’s Box has been opened, but now only Hannah McKay has the power to influence Dexter understanding of it. And let me tell you: two serial murderers not make a right.

The animal nature of man is something beyond comprehension Dexter and ultimately control. And we all know that is a homebody extraordinary control freak. He has said several times this season: everything is under your control.

Love is illogical. Controlling everything is impossible. And it all culminates in murder of Hannah Dexter’s father, Clint McKay.

Side serial murderer Dexter is not a necessity: it is a wish. It has always been a wish. And when Dexter kills Clint McKay, not because he is a murderer who got away and escaped the system: it’s not even because he’s a pretty terrible. This is because they can. He will. Dexter can kill Clint McKay because he does not have to follow his Dark Passenger.

He realizes he can, in fact, follow your heart, your stomach, your emotions can follow all you want, because that is the nature of free will, of humanity. And, because emotionally, that’s what he wants to do, because he loves Hannah. You can see the fear in the eyes of mild Hannah when they embrace the end: Hannah has created a monster. He grew up as one of small flowers. And there’s no turning back.

Overall, the episode was not the strongest, but did what he had to do. Some other plot lines of the note:

  • LaGuerta is the same: As we said before, we knew Dexter would be discovered by LaGuerta, and pretty much has been. She discovers the reason / background, and connect the dots for all. Carry the former head of Matthews really has clarified his thinking and his approach to the case. No doubt this will come into play heavily in the last two episodes of the season. LaGuerta not going into this without much support: evidence and otherwise. Smart Move, LaGuerta. Pump, we are waiting to fall.
  • Nadia and Quinn, sittin ‘in a tree. These two are bad news to himself, especially Nadia Quinn. We are seeing a parallel here between Dexter and Quinn: everyone will drop their respective ladyfriend to some extent. Quinn is covering up crimes (bye, George!) And lying to coworkers about who fired first and who were the witnesses. That will end very, very badly.
  • Hannah nails Deb wants: Another who will not give a break is Alma: it’s going to take Hannah for murder, to avenge the death of Sal Price. Everything feels a little awkward, but I guess that’s what happens when you need to find someone to put all his rage and frustration when you’re too afraid to betray his brother for being the Bay Harbor Butcher. Deb Hannah decision to go after instead of Dexter is exactly the same as when you change your mind Dexter kill instead of Clint Phantom. Wait for call Clint at Miami Metro on the counselor that she killed a summer camp for the ruin of Hannah, too.
  • The Phantom Bosso and Phil. Of course Dexter thinks, first, that Phil is the ghost Bosso thought then refutes. It’s literally the Dexter Fire Department. Creepy, dissociated and resolute in the face of human horror. It almost seems that Dexter believes that at some subconscious level, that people are more like him than they really are. Sure, Bosso is creepy as f ** k, but not a murderer. Not everyone with an obsessive skill set and knowledge base is a serial murderer, Dexter. You are not as common as you might think.