Hacker Who Posted Nude Celebrities Photos Sentenced 10 Years in Prison: Judge Christopher Chaney urged to pay compensation of 57,000 Euros to actresses whose email accounts intervened. The defendant Christopher Chaney was arrested in October 2011 after an FBI investigation a year known as “Operation Hackerazzi“.

Hacker Posted Nude Celebrities Photos Sentenced 10 Years in PrisonA U.S. court on Monday handed down a sentence of ten years in prison for the hacker who was introduced into the email accounts of numerous stars, including Scarlett Johansson, and published pictures of nude celebrities on the Internet.

The court in Los Angeles also ordered Christopher Chaney, 36, to pay 57,000 euros to Johansson, Christina Aguilera and Renee Olstead, who are among the dozens of people whose email accounts intervened.

Chaney pleaded guilty in March, following an agreement with prosecutors. He could have been sentenced up to 121 years in prison if he had been blamed for the 26 offenses for which he was originally charged.

His arrest by FBI agents in October last year was the result of an investigation of 11 months on piracy bills over 50 figures in the entertainment industry, many young stars like Mila Kunis.

The charges against him include access and damage to computers, wiretapping and identity theft.

Among the material Young stole from Florida were images of Johansson naked at home. The three images of the actress surfaced that showed the star of “Lost in Translation” teaching the back of your body in the reflection of a mirror, a self-portrait of her naked breasts and a snapshot of the back lying in bed .

The actress said after those pictures home had addressed solely to her then-husband, actor Ryan Reynolds.

Aguilera’s computer was hacked in December 2010, when racy photos of her appeared on the Internet. Kunis’s cell phone was hacked in September of that year, with pictures of her, including one in a bathtub, which was also posted online.