Gnomio First Watch With Windows Phone 8

Gnomio First Watch With Windows Phone 8

Gnomio First Watch With Windows Phone 8: Gnomio is a prototype Windows Phone 8 Clock that can become the ideal for users with devices with the new operating system from Microsoft. For Gnomio a reality, the project managers are trying to get $100,000 (76,341.7 euros) of funding through ‘Crowdfunding‘.
Gnomio First Watch With Windows Phone 8Windows Phone 8 may be the leap in quality that Microsoft needs for the mobile system is definitely competitive with iOS and Android. The system architecture shares with Windows 8 and can offer great opportunities for developers and users. Handset manufacturers seem to have opted for the system and companies like Nokia or HTC already have terminal market Windows Phone 8.

Seeing that the system seems to have a good start, are emerging initiatives to complement the system. One is Gnomio, a digital clock that will interact with Windows Phone 8 teams. The idea is not new and other systems we have seen. One example is the Sony SmartWatch, that allows you to interact with information related to Android handsets.

For Gnomio, this is the first project of this type clock support Windows Phone 8. The idea is that users can view their call notifications, your messages, calendar, mail or even their ‘tweets’ from the clock. This is a supplement that would keep abreast of developments in the phone and use some of its functions to be more comfortable.

Gnomio makers rely on users to understand the potential of the terminal, which allow the installation of applications through the Windows Phone store. In this sense, seeking to raise $ 100,000 to build and begin marketing Gnomio. Funding is being managed through the IndieGoGo platform of ‘crowdfunding’.

Until February 15, you can make donations, which can range from $ 1 to 99, in which case you get a unit made of aluminum Gnomio. So far they have raised more than $ 2,200 and 68 days left for the project to succeed. Visit Official Website for More Info.