Chris Brown And Rihanna Back on Twitter Together: We were sure it would be a matter of days for us to return to see the controversial rapper Chris BrownMaking War” on the popular microblogging network Twitter.

    The truth is that although we do not know for sure if it is to stay, Chris Brown has returned to Twitter.

Chris Brown And Rihanna Back on Twitter Together
Chris Brown And Rihanna Together on Twitter

And he has made it big, the rapper has come back from the hand of his girlfriend Rihanna confirmed yet. Chris Brown has made his debut back in a picture hanging next to Rihanna.

In that instant, black and white, we may see the controversial couple enjoying a quiet Sunday afternoon smoking, maybe some sort of banned substance, while relaxing and resting on a couch.

The well known Barbadian singer appears wrapped in a warm feather coat camouflage pattern underneath showing only takes a provocative underwear set.

With Brown’s return to Twitter, we will witness the ever controversial relationship of singers minute?