Udonis Haslem two boards from placing Miami Heat everytime in history

Udonis Haslem two boards from placing Miami Heat everytime in history

Udonis Haslem two boards from placing Miami Heat everytime in historyUdonis Haslem two boards from placing Warm all-time report: When Udonis Haslem was trying to make the Miami Heat take note of it a decade ago, assistant coach Keith Askins gave advice.

Haslem told every NBA player can score, but not everyone rebounds.

Haslem recalls that conversation as well, which is about to become the most prolific rebounder in Heat history.

Odds are, you will have that title at some point Wednesday night, when the reigning NBA Heat start a homestand against the Milwaukee Bucks. Haslem enters the game needing just two rebounds to pass Alonzo Mourning for Miami all-time lead in that department – Mourning took 4,807 rebounds in 593 games the Heat in the regular season, while 4806 is Haslem rebounds after games 605.

Miami is the opening of a stretch where they play 10 of their next 11 home games. The Heat was only 4-2 in a Western road swing, playing three of those games without Dwyane Wade and win the end of the trip, even with LeBron James sick with a bug that made its way around the locker parts of Miami .

Haslem, if everything goes as planned, it will not be from any of those games. He gave up that role in 2009, saying at the time that was best for the team. A year earlier, as a starter, took 618 rebounds. The next season, playing exclusively as a reserve, took 629 rebounds – despite playing six minutes less per night.

And if ever Miami rebounding was not enough, the chance to win the title at home – the Heat play their next four games on their home court, so the odds are very high that, even if it does not happen Wednesday, Haslem will find these two tables before the computer starts up again – adds meaning much more than the hometown man.

“To meet my family in front of my friends, so many people I love and care about in front of my fans who have supported me for so long, it will be a great achievement,” Haslem said.

Haslem defends the centers that are half a foot taller and wider in some cases half a foot, playing with injuries whenever possible, and one of the iconic images of the playoffs last season came when he was bloodied in a game against Indiana Pacers.

The Heat then gave bands that said UD-40, his nickname and jersey number, by fans as a tribute.

Soon, there will be another tribute: The team is already planning to pick up the ball to rebound soon become No. 4808, which guarantees the little piece of history becomes permanently held by Haslem.

“It’s pride,” Haslem said. “It’s just mental toughness …. The way I would do my niche for this team was going to hit the boards and rebound.’s Just a tribute to my way of thinking. If you put your mind to it, and I know people say it a lot, but if you put your mind to it, you can. I was not a great rebounder in college. Not so much what I am now. really focused and I just put my mind to pursue the boards. “