Alex Smith start to opposition with Kaepernick

Alex Smith start to opposition with Kaepernick

Alex Smith start to opposition with KaepernickAlex Smith start to opposition with Kaepernick: Jim Harbaugh is perfectly content to keep the media guessing about who will start at quarterback Sunday against the New Orleans Saints.

The coach of the 49ers in San Francisco, told reporters that both Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick can win games – a very desirable, according to Harbaugh, to the coaching staff.

“Let’s let him play,” Harbaugh said. “I would not expect an announcement today or any timeline on that.’re Going to get to you.”

Concussion Smith should not be a problem this weekend. It has been approved for limited practice Wednesday and was seen putting the same black noncontact jersey he wore all last week. Smith told Matt Barrows of The Sacramento Bee pushes too hard last week, but Harbaugh expects Smith to be cleared for New Orleans.

“I feel good,” said Smith. “I feel very good. So I’m a bit hoping that things are going well.”

Smith said he accepts the competition – not controversy – with Kaepernick after heroism of the young against the Chicago Bears on Monday night. Kaepernick play quarterback sparked a lively debate, but Harbaugh echoed his words on Wednesday morning to demolish the idea that some sort of controversy surrounding the 49ers 7-2-1.