The mobile market and smart phone as a limited usability

The mobile market and smart phone as a limited usability

The mobile market and smart phone as a limited usability: Carrying most smartphones nowadays. And some people, the tablet PC carrying Carry that around with these smart devices in recent years has been a lot of people.

Deserves a full-fledged smart era. And take advantage of them pretty well. But still use their monotonous pattern, there is a limit. Reality is that the smartphone So what makes a tablet PC, or notebook carrying case, often, by the way that use the pattern now more than can be used so use does not.

How to take advantage of these?

  • The history of the Korean mobile market and its flow

Begin in earnest until the mid-2000s, mobile phones in the 1990s, the golden age of the so-called feature phones called the golden age of mobile phones was conducted. Will be how the mobile era of the Republic of Korea 1st. Cyan Samsung Anycall series or LG series dominated the mobile market in the Republic of Korea in earnest, while the forces began to widen.

And in the United States in 2007, the Apple iPhone is a way, we are introduced to a new concept of mobile phones. Since the late 2000s allowed the known with the advent of the iPhone smartphone that firmly established the concept of the smartphone era begins to open. PDA phones with Microsoft’s Windows Mobile is a mobile platform that before there were, of course, but the smartphone since the iPhone comes true smart phone called ordinary people think and believe.

After Google announced the Android platform, HTC, Samsung Android Smartphone in earnest for my smartphone, cutting from the late 2000s until now has been referred to as the golden age of LG Optimus series, Samsung Galaxy series and lay down while the Android equipped smartphone from Motorola, Sony, HTC, Pantech Vega series, in addition to its feature phone market getting sun setting to replace the smartphone market is leading.

But it did not end. Of the United States in 2010, Apple also one of the new guys just getting back my iPad, marking the beginning of a full-fledged PC Tablet. IPod touch is set to increase as the 10-inch class, was simply in the early post-smartphone era of the tablet PC market continue to be a leader this guy is placed. Said getting so now the tablet PC market opened in earnest.

The success of the iPad to Google unveiled Android 3.0 Honeycomb platform, created the Samsung Galaxy Tab series it was to create a tablet PC notion of smart phones and gained hope that many PC manufacturers making Android Tablet differed makes open the tablet PC market in earnest. Traditional PC makers like ASUS, Dell, Lenovo, and they started making Android tablet. Some SMEs in Korea, Samsung as well as to meet the challenges we face in the tablet market range. Somehow appeared between iPad tablet PC market in earnest creating open opportunities in Korea.

Now the smartphone and tablet PC markets to coexist. Tablet PC market received the post to lead the smartphone market, but it looks like now the smartphone market and coexist situation every step of the way some other concept other categories. Throw throw is used as the iPhone and Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S3 is used as the iPad, or the same platform as the iPhone and iPad or Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Tab 10.1, or Galaxy Note 10.1 were increased.

Republic of Korea mobile market and the flow of the smartphone era wanes Tablet PC era will be opened in earnest, contrary to expectations, the smartphone market is still growing and growing tablet PC market area expands in the flow of the global mobile market is can Of course, the feature phone market completely pushed in the smart phone market, even not an exaggeration of the said

Lies to some extent in the usability of smart phones

Concept of the iPhone is the phone, iPods, MP3 or videos that you can see the features and the iPhone when it first appeared, was the concept that there is wireless Internet connection on the mobile Web surfing. IPhone, the smartphone when the iPhone came out in the early days of this concept as a thing in earnest within the Apple App Store a year later, cutting mobile applications emerge with a variety of features.

And take advantage of the graphics performance of the iPhone in earnest mobile gaming market is beginning to open. Still a lot of mobile games are becoming activated. And using the Mobile Internet services by combining web services and desktop will show up. Is to be thought of as a social network service (SNS) activation began in earnest this time. Smartphone SNS was staying only existing desktop Web Services applications, combined with explosive area will widen started.

Services such as Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn and desktop web service is also available, but far more mobile service users and statistics and such as Foursquare, the smartphone’s GPS capabilities and take advantage of that SNS enough to be the main mobile services rather than the desktop web service. Smartphone namely, the center of these services is located. Who opened the iPhone market, the growth of the smartphone market, while Android smartphones coming out as the fastest growing in the range.

Smartphones can take advantage of that, but at least everyone this pattern around to see smart phone use once together and function as a basic cell phone, such as phone or SMS directly, such as MP3 music files or video files put, as SNS function as a client, or for people using the device as a function of viewing multimedia streaming services such as YouTube or melon, and a mobile Web browser to surf the web or use the SNS, such as Facebook or Twitter, take a photo or video I thought it was a character to share, or as a messenger to share feature cacao stock and be able to organize.

Cal throw Google notes using Evernote to manage scheduling through reondeo should throw that often, but when many people used as a productivity tool rather than a smartphone other than ordinary mobile phone functions as much information consumable tools used and that Constraints on the size of the screen of the smartphone itself, but due to demand for e-book has not been activated and reality says.