Tablet is best tool of PC’s current consumable limited usability

Tablet is best tool of PC's current consumable limited usability

Tablet is best tool of PC’s current consumable limited usability: Smartphone market, followed by the tablet PC market began to open. Now heard on the stage of growth is not an exaggeration.

May be limited compared to the smart phone market only said that experts’ predictions are good sidelined. But usage patterns are different from existing smart phones and a little reality. How to escape it?

  • In earnest in the tablet PC market opens

IPad reveals itself in 2010 in the world at the same time as the start of a full-fledged tablet PC market has resulted in the explosive growth of the fire upwards. Now that Galaxy Note pen with Wacom sensor mounted 10.1 a guy come out until after the iPad came out, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab series, they began to row out said And smartphones based on the experience and know-how existing mobile phone maker making their phones because it’s made entry barrier significantly higher rate than you might think, the fact is if the tablet PC, portable PC concept has been introduced, the existing PC maker joined the the size of the market is greater looks.

Tablet applications along with the growth of the handset market, the market began to grow. Rather, the existing App Store iPad or Galaxy tab series or used to customize the mobile platform that was used in smartphones because markets do not overlap with each other, how art thou developers if ever there was a concern up tablet applications Shall We Play ( ecosystem-based Android Market) haenoteun build tablet market has resulted in dilating area to spread. Now, the smartphone application market tablet PC applications as well as the market cycle.

  • Still feel the limits that take advantage of the Tablet PC

Apparently the tablet PC market is growing. IPad as well as Android Tablet such as the Galaxy Tab series of sales has increased almost beyond our imagination. Tablet market will not be able to succeed in the early experts predict good sidelined. Tablet application market and growth of a similar level that is clear. But existing smartphone tablet applications to customize the tablet version of the application is the problem, this is the problem. Find a tablet-only applications very difficult. Tablet PC on the existing smart phone applications just to fit the screen brought up UI variants were cast on that level to stay in what is now a reality. Of course, that alone significantly increased the use of the Tablet PC is the fact that, although for Tablet PC more diverse and effective use of that still be coming. Now to take advantage of the Tablet PC, smart phone like it and Multimedia than the consumption of content or search and consumption of information, such as the use of smart phones and is no different.

  • The terminal value as a non-consumable terminal productivity tablet PC

Constraints and constraints on the screen for the input concept in the development of the existing mobile smartphone because it has been clearly exists. Productive part of the talk is the fact that I was lacking a lot in part a prerequisite for that part of the input information in order to convenience and simplicity which entered the smartphone. Has a full touch screen smart phone’s Design Award from the small screen touch keypad and at the same time, to acquire information and to enter the inconvenient. In information production that the smartphone somehow reveal the limitations forced.

Recording or camera to take a picture or recording a video clip, and of course information can be produced, but it can produce a side to take advantage of, even if clear limits can be forced. So the smartphone is the fact that a lot of information not consumable handset called terminal information productivity is difficult to talk.

Constraints on productivity that these smartphones have a lot of tablet PC can be eliminated. Usually 7-inch or 10-inch class screen tablet PC mostly because of the size of the screen that can show the amount of information a lot of information consumption and take advantage of this smartphone is easier than advantages. Reproduction of the information upon it by connecting the input of information via touch keypad itself or modify, or Bluetooth keyboard to enter information, and is a good source that can be reprocessed.

Glass would have been doing until now, such as a laptop or desktop PC, due to our habits of production of information, rather than the small screen of the smartphone is a little more on the big screen, such as a tablet PC and smartphones in a similar task, but you can feel because you can more easily access information on the production. Besides, these days, for input using an electronic pen input because there are more ways you can take advantage of. No surprise that the smartphone like to take pictures, shoot videos, and so as to be able to record smartphone rather than a tablet PC productivity tools is easier story.

  • More tablet PC that can be utilized in a variety of fields

Smartphone can be utilized in a variety of fields. But it is the fact that the consumption of multimedia content on the smartphone until now mainly a lot of focus is. Share photos and videos cacao Flick conversations and reported through Internet sites such as Facebook or Twitter, surfing the web and SNS use. Behavior but to use the current use of smart phones will be able to say (Of course, many more people to take advantage of this common around that this is talking about).

Can move beyond some of the limitations of smartphones that take advantage of the Tablet PC. Little more that can be utilized in various fields. Used to provide information to physicians and the role of the numerous overseas hospitals are using a tablet PC, see the chart of the patient should throw. Instead of paper charts. May use the Tablet PC as a tool to enter the patient’s information. Know that several large domestic hospitals to prepare for the introduction of such a system.

Silk ppunyirya medical profession. In the education sector, the use of this tablet PC is more pronounced. Several universities in the United States has conducted experiments that utilize electronic textbooks to iPad, (University of the few not yet formally know). Than 10.1 and the Galaxy Note tablet PC, such as iPad, or e-book format, PDF format or electronic textbooks and distribute and carrying a thick, heavy paper textbooks, books and see it.

Utilized as electronic textbooks on the screen due to the constraints of smartphones fell Tablet PC 10-inch class screen size and suitable to the existing paper books who do not have a lot of the nature of the content of a variety of multimedia mix of electronic textbooks the engagement of students, and have a lot of leverage has the advantage of a higher concentration. Also facilitate the Tablet PC pen-based input and handwriting can also do direct electronic textbooks would expect the effect of killing two birds with one stone. In education because of electronic textbooks in my PC synchronization capabilities between PC and check its contents, so future-oriented educational environment to experiment with great interest. Has yet mentioned above, but the level of e-textbooks do not appear in the near future is likely to emerge.

If you are using a tablet PC, the art world and the music industry in an adult. Tablet PC by drawing on published cases, and in particular to draw directly on the paper, but Real Madrid’s inherently PC to show content in electronic format, so if you work with the Tablet PC goes increasing. Many Tablet PC terminal with a variety of sound recording and mixing audio, if you are working in the music industry. This work looks somewhat be possible to secure the screen because it is no surprise that the smartphone rather than a tablet PC is easier.

  • Tablet PC market to surpass the usability of the now more secure various usability urgent

Is clear the tablet PC market starts to open and it started to open applications market, but the fact that still limits on the usability shows that in fact. Companies not writing a lot of attention to the development of the hardware application development, not a lot of nerve to write that reality is. Maybe I thought it was still dropping the tablet PC’s performance compared to existing PC that I do not know. But now, the tablet PC’s performance is actually frequently falling compared to the PC’s current level.

It is true that to a similar level from Then concentrate on the hardware as well as you know I have more time to think about to take advantage of this content Development of relevant content and applications, and to take advantage of. Then the tablet PC market is now more than 3 to 4 times to grow and our lives more dramatically the development would not want to.