Shakira Showed Her Baby Bump on Twitter

Shakira Showed Her Baby Bump on Twitter

Shakira Showed Her Baby Bump on Twitter: Shakira, about to give birth her First Child, Few, on Tuesday, Shakira, who is about to give birth to her first child, wanted to show off her pregnancy and Baby Bump.
Shakira Showed Her Baby Bump on TwitterColombian Singer Shakira wants to share through the popular microblogging network Twitter, which has over 18 million followers, a close photograph that appears, showing her heavily pregnant, in the arms of her partner, footballer Gerard Pique.

It could well be 9 months!“, Is chosen by Shakira text to accompany the photograph above.

Apparently, unlike other mothers, the interpreter of ‘Waka-waka’ she is sitting nicely pregnancy because, judging from her statements should not have the typical hassles.

In the above image, we see the Colombian with a red shirt knotted under the chest that allows us to look more closely at his rather pronounced “Belly“.

Despite being shouted from the rooftops their love through social networks since confirmed his relationship with all kinds of images, few or very few have been snapshots in which we have been enjoying a Shakira pregnant.

Obvious experiencing happiness right now the popular couple so, while we wait for the arrival of the first child to the world of Shakira and Gerard Piqué, hopefully we give away more images like this.

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