Genoveva Casanova Stuning Look with Elegant Black Dress
Genoveva Casanova with Elegant Black Dress

Genoveva Casanova Stuning Look with Elegant Black Dress: On Monday met many celebrities as Genoveva Casanova, Anne Igartiburu, Imanol Arias and Samantha Vallejo-Nagera to present the new calendar Chocrón Charity. Genevieve, who is the image of the firm, spoke of their projects demonstrating that crosses its best.

Former Cayetano Martinez de Irujo was very beautiful with an elegant black dress boat neck neckline. She has been commissioned to develop the foundation Liria, a job that will be released next Thursday.

She said she is delighted with the result: “It’s all great as it is being very nice, we had a difficult time but it was a beautiful project.” Regarding the review of Doña Cayetana said “I see very happy.

Cayetano Martinez de Irujo had stated on several occasions that she was excited that Genevieve is implied with this project.

It was something very beautiful and very special to me, and he is very happy that I’m enjoying so much.” She also said her former political family is “very happy, as always.

While declining to comment on a possible rapprochement with Cayetano, this couple has never closed the door completely to a reconciliation.

It is certainly significant that it was precisely Genoveva responsible for organizing this exhibition which were her husband and her mother.

Great TV missed the appointment not supportive, with an original set of skirt and body in different shades of gray and black.

A year grapes on New Year present but not yet know who will accompany him: “I have wanted to say more, but I guess I will say soon because I have said all brands.”

  Vallejo-Nagera Samantha chose a curious pink dress tunic with a printed face for celebration. Fresh from Miami where she visited her nephew Andrea Nicholas would not discuss the separation from her brother.

She said her family is still unknown whether Colate will get back to Madrid for Christmas with her child and had only good words for Paulina: “It’s your mother, it’s great to be with your child and enjoy it, it’s really cute.