Pinterest Launch Secret Boards Info

Pinterest Launch Secret Boards Info

Pinterest Launch Secret Boards Info: Pinterest takes a step in a different direction than usual, thinking about the privacy of its users. The social network has created boards secrets that limit the visibility of publications, which invites more private use, such as creating family photo albums.
Pinterest Launch Secret Boards InfoPinterest is intended to share, filter, find and organize photos and videos, but mainly photos. It also allows digital content maintenance with personal themed boards where you can organize and share files.

So far, this network was based on a 100% public use, although a lame leg. And is that all users have many photos exclusively private, who might want to save and share with friends, but not everyone.

Planks secrets come to fill this gap. With this new enhancement, each user will find in your profile up to three private boards where only he and a small group of friends can enjoy the content.

From Pinterest expect private boards of Pinterest do something “More Useful“. In addition, users can use the boards secrets “track holiday gifts, planning a special event or work on a project they are not yet ready to share with the rest of the world.”

Creating secrets boards are limited to three units and create a new one will be deleted from another topic. However, if the user is invited to any of your contacts to join your private board, will not need to delete any.

This new feature will be available starting Monday and expected to reach all users throughout the week. To enjoy it, you just have to scroll to the bottom of the website where these new boards will be located.

Add a plank secret is simple. You only need to click ‘Create a plank secret‘ that appears at the bottom of the page. Another possibility is to click ‘Add +‘ at the top right-hand corner of the website Pinterest, besides activating to the ‘On’ button ‘Secret’.

Alongside this, now Pinterest Privacy Policy simplifying the global language of it and putting more examples. “We hope that the result is a much clearer policy and more comprehensible to non-lawyers who use Pinterest.”