Maharaja’s dream: seems to resume broadcasting

Maharaja's dream: seems to resume broadcasting

Maharaja's dream: seems to resume broadcastingMaharaja’s dream seems to resume broadcasting: Maharaja’s dream which is directed by sinchangseok gimsanghwi, and screenplay by yudongyun, Kim and Sun November 24 and 25, December 1 and 2, KBS 1TV gyeolbang. Seems to resume broadcasting until December 8.

As a result, the total one month Again, two weeks ahead of dreams ‘Maharaja’ side after injury two weeks broadcast bakjumi of fifty gyeolbang lock up viewers ‘dream’ Maharaja has been ruled out.

‘Maharaja’ dream of an alternative program has not yet been determined. Feature films or documentaries are more likely to propagate ride.

Meanwhile, return injured bakjumi currently receive outpatient treatment and get off at whether being discussed.

Three people aboard the van bakjumi party gone ahead in nearby Central Expressway Gunwi rest area is located at the end of October Kyungpook National gunwigun gunwieup aunt of Mr. 25t dump truck collided.

Happened was for the filming of ‘Maharaja’ dream of moving.

At the time the bakjumi has been diagnosed with liver internal lacerations, thyroid cartilage, fractures, knee, abdomen, neck, and abrasions should take about 4-5 weeks to stabilize.