Choi Si Won six times a drunk driving accident, incident satire?

Choi Si Won six times a drunk driving accident, incident satire?

Choi Si Won six times a drunk driving accident, incident satire?Choi Si Won six times a drunk driving accident, incident satire: Reveals the fact that the stories behind the Lord of the drama, which contains a variety of drama productions throughout the story is certainly an interesting drama.

Risked his life to expose the internal story writer janghangjun talk to in the course of the drama productions of various attractive. Jeong Ryeo amnesia? Kitsch Kitsch planted chew?

You tell me how diverse and hard work to produce a drama accompanied Who is its central axis, depending on manuals and works like The Lord of the drama. Forced to grow the visual difference between the hell there is not.

The center of the drama producers and writers as ancillary to the presence of the other characters tumble naturally forced to inability Drama> The Lord of the drawbacks is that the actor would hold stations local Organization Team obvious difference does not seem forced.

Lived buried in the creation story as a myth is configured to configure a foreign baseball team will be in progress Best of producers from the bottom of Anthony and drama writer’s dream gave up day-to-day drama, fighting like the devil, and producer Anthony and rookie writer yigoeun Builder 10000000000 is the opportunity of a lifetime through the rookie writer brilliantly transformed that seemed to be able to see Another Cinderella Syndrome variant, also known as the basic framework of the story.

Be deprived of pyeonseonggwon Anthony succeeds in regaining his ability to mobilize pyeonseonggwon Then take her drama artist was the attitude you want to completely and angry yigoeun Anthony but the problem is the downfall want ohjinwan again will fall into crisis.

For all that this writer wants offering in front of the ohjinwan words barely escaped the worst of situations Anthony, but will have a director elected to the problem, but just a writer or director viewership ten thousand racking Anthony’s because you did not just one of the tools that Anthony’s evil, know only too well that PD is not directed to the work of Anthony chose the resolution and Anthony drove into the cul-de-sac tucked.

Inverse nine who emerged as an alternative in this situation right past the best boss ninety Thurs director to fill in the blanks of 0.5 years was enough attractive scenario and supervised and directed to sign an IMMEDIATE Anthony will be joining a period of five years, sh As a result, greed is the former director of 0.100 billion budget of over a billion in just 5 minutes would cost too excessive greed. eminently expressed enthusiasm as had settled that point you begin to create division was here man, Kang, Hyen – Min starring Excellency can not die ocean swim was awash in the worst of situations.

Director, actors, writers, and even Anthony, between the station and not smooth at this time do not force winter forced to untangle themselves, if he does not release anyone in a difficult situation determination lower private meeting with the director. talk about the importance of this work and grab a compromise will solve all the problems, but the problem again as a leading man Kang, Hyen – Min leads.

Deny one the most difficult thing we want to do is director of billions to imitate men of learning that needs to committing atrocities that drinking and driving misdiagnosed Wan often in the process of preparing the downfall of Kang, Hyen – Min reckless behavior lays Anthony tougher driving situation.

Hand in hand again, and the reporter had a role to the downfall misdiagnosed Wan Anthony Kang, Hyen – Min of driving under the influence of alcohol as an excuse to want to thwart a hard morning was intentionally causing the conflict to notice the fact that drinking a passing police in crisis insinuate seriously twisted hard morning was the signal that process.

The situation to rectify the situation here, was Anthony and calls for yigoeun subsequently been run over by a car, who would stop by the worst was intentional crime situation in a really hard morning would greet the morning have been unable to get off the male protagonist, Kang, Hyen – Min of drunk driving needs being jam situation amnesia traffic accident in the aftermath writer creating a story is not the worst thing forced.

Many developments in the past SBS process objective to prepare comes to mind. Kwon Sang-woo, the male protagonist drama drama productions such as actors, writers, staff and broadcasters yeokin everything was at the center of controversy before the drunk driving hit-and-run going to hide the situation jimyeo beating until Mall was featured as the worst.

Beating normally after the drama was broadcast, emerged as the inspection station Kwon Sang-woo has a short apology, but one ridiculous situation and the events of The Lord of the drama very much. Ratings jackpot gohyeonjeong made the best presence drama quote like the flow of the story so interesting. bound to lead to the real drama in the flow, objective inability fun, to reporters’ connection to the agency, such as crocodiles and Content plainly appeared to the scene, as well factual was

Obsessed writer Lord of the drama, not only for uncovering revelations hanging problem Is not a doubt Stepping is certainly an interesting story are obvious, but a variety of problems that can be revealed in the drama production only one but important Drama. The Lord of the novelty and fun of the story falls suspect says Denis.

Currently damn devilish producer Anthony’ve create a story, or blind childhood lived with his widowed mother and struggled through the flimsy deployment sudden traffic accident yigoeun short-term amnesia takes the fact that is so popular because stereotypical set; says.

Novel in a special hard morning drama called representation, but it is a virtual masterpiece of a non-existent entity specific information for a hard morning at the core of this drama is the process of creating such a masterpiece. iconic metaphor that captures the way in it does not make sense, of course, framed like a novel, if not.

The Lord of the drama for some fresh fun boyeojulji will not know until now, rumors stories which stood only through the drama and realistic depiction of easygoing, interesting to note that, after the drama of Lord is to lead the drama in the story, in that sense, can not know whether intentionally corny and vulgar criticism for this banality, the unfortunately coming come.

Structure is not bound to be fed up with the risks and opportunities that connect repeatedly. Irregular bend the minds of the viewers that captivates from the Lord of the drama criticism, unlike but the target of criticism by writers and in suspect is not obviously attractive in smoke absolute leader Kim Myung-min is starring in that drama, and interesting, but trite longer captured the hearts of viewers can not catch.
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