Lindsay want to cancel the condition: It will be back in jail?Lindsay want to cancel the condition: It will be back in jail: Lindsay Lohan obviously has a good week. Firstly it for embodiment Liz Taylor described as a bad actress and now it wants the court to send to jail. 


After that, the police lied in the summer, going to cancel her condition.

After the accident that caused the June, told police he was sitting behind the wheel of a car her bodyguard, not her. But he, along with other witnesses confirmed otherwise.

The perjury trial wants to cancel her condition, which her pardon in January 2011 for stealing the goldsmith. Actress, which was stuck on the heels of scandals, has been staying in the base behind.

After that, in the autumn of last year failed to comply with public works in the morgue, the police sent her to jail. There was, however, only a few hours.

The court, while it warned that the condition is not present, but Lindsay have no other as you wish it under the tree. The actress also spoke about her new stepsister during the interview.

Asked about the recent confirmation that Michael Lohan had another child – a daughter – with someone other than your mother, Dina Lohan, Lindsay said: “I suppose I could give you a word of advice -. Good luck with my dad”

When Jay Lindsay servant decision not to speak with his father around, Lindsay said: “It is what it is.”

The “Liz & Dick” star revealed on the show that she plans to spend Thanksgiving with her mother, Dina, and their brothers in the East Coast. And she will be involved in the cooking.

“I love to cook. My brother and I usually carry the stuffing and potatoes,” he said.