Lindsay Lohan get caught for Assault

Lindsay Lohan get caught for Assault

Lindsay Lohan get caught for AssaultLindsay Lohan get caught for Assault: It bad reviews for her role as Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetime’s Liz and Dick were not only Lindsay Lohan issue this week. On Thursday morning, the actress was arrested for assault after an altercation with a 28 year old.

Police said Lindsay Lohan has been released allegedly assaulted a woman at 4 am in the Meatpacking District of New York Avenue Club.

The arrest is the latest setback for the actress, who won a victory earlier this year when his probation stemming from a 2007 DUI arrest was lifted. Lindsay Lohan, however, still remains on informal probation for a charge of petty theft after allegations that he had stolen a necklace from a jewelry store in Venice, California, in 2011.

Although supervised probation being lifted in March, Lohan has had a troubled yet 2012.

In June, the actress was hospitalized after a car accident with an 18 wheeler semi-trailer truck, and, days later, was treated for exhaustion after being found unconscious in his bed during the Liz and Dick filming in Los Angeles September, Lohan was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident involving a pedestrian in New York City, and in October, was half of a domestic dispute with his mother that led to police intervention.

Lohan has also been bad PR this year not only was Liz and Dick panned by critics, but the actress was also criticized for canceling his interview November 16, 20/20 with Barbara Walters just days before the sit- Down was scheduled to air after reportedly being unhappy with the direction of the interview.

The actress, however, seem to see the positive side. “Nothing, because then it would not have been able to mourn in the scenes of the drop of a hat,” Lohan told.

“I’ve tattooed” live without regrets. “I’m not saying I wanted to go to a prison cell, but I removed everything.” In fact, even Lohan told Us’ reporter that the problems have made her a best actress.

By that logic, Lohan looks set for an Oscar.