Jessica Alba Addicted to Laser Liposuction

Jessica Alba Addicted to Laser Liposuction

Jessica Alba Addicted to Laser Liposuction: Jessica has one of the most envied bodies both by mere mortals as the most international stars. However, the statuesque figure of Jessica Alba is not the work of genetics and now just know that not even physical heavy training or strict diets.
Jessica Alba Addicted to Laser LiposuctionTo the amazement of friends and strangers, the American performer silhouette is the result of several laser liposuction, as just revealed the news portal American ‘Radar Online’.

More of a surprise that we have to speak of wonder and we could never imagine that Jessica Alba was all addicted to lipo-sculpture.

And so, after giving birth to her two sons think the body was never the same.

As she confessed to a source close to the Hollywood star to that U.S. digital publishing, the star of ‘Fantastic Four’ recently went to Beauty Park Medical Spa, located in Santa Monica (California) to undergo several medical-aesthetic treatments among whom was a ‘i-Lipo‘ at stomach and hips and two cortisone shots.

Nevertheless, we are confident that, at heart, Jessica Alba does not need to undergo surgery to brag figure.