Taylor Swift Hurt by Betrayal of Harry Styles

Taylor Swift Hurt by Betrayal of Harry Styles

Taylor Swift Hurt by Betrayal of Harry StylesTaylor Swift Hurt by Betrayal of Harry Styles: Singer Taylor Swift is devastated after discovering pictures of Harry Styles kissing American model Emma Ostilly  during a trip to New Zealand.

Taylor, 22 versus 18, Harry has felt very hurt by the deception and wants no part of the group of One Direction.

According to a source close to the country singer, Taylor loved to Harry and although there were a couple exclusive, she hinted it official just before leaving for New Zealand.

Styles said he did not even want her to see anyone during the time that he would be out.

However, the teen singer had to change thinking. At night Harry Styles with Victoria’s Secret model, Emma Ostilly and kissed in the street.

The couple was expelled from the Langham Hotel lobby, where they were partying with a group of friends.

When Taylor Swift received some disconcerting messages asking Harry a chance to explain, the singer searched the Internet and found the smoking gun: some pictures of the model kissing boy on the street at three in the morning.

Taylor will have none of it and rejects any possibility of returning to the singer. Moreover sure the young pretenders not short …