Herman Melville Moby Dick Hunt Google Doodle

Herman Melville Moby Dick Hunt Google Doodle

Herman Melville Moby Dick Hunt Google Doodle: Who is Herman Melville? Google gives chase to the famous whale Moby Dick, along with its creator Herman Melville , in a new ‘doodle’ on Thursday. Thus, the most famous Internet search engine honors the work of American author Herman Melville in the 161 anniversary of its publication. The whaling ship Pequot chasing the great white whale waters by Google.
Herman Melville Moby Dick Hunt Google DoodleThe Mountain View team continues to surprise users of its search engine with a new ‘doodle’. After the tribute to Winsor McCay and Little Nemo comic, Google remembers another most acclaimed literary works of all time and which represented the start of modernist literature in the U.S., Moby Dick.

This time, the usual Google logo gives way to a sea of turquoise waves by browsing the whaling ship Pequod in which there is an entire crew that wants to hunt the great white whale Moby Dick, head of the master Ship, Captain Ahab, lost a leg and had won fame havoc each and every one of the whalers who had tried to give chase.

Moby Dick is the masterpiece of American author Herman Melville. His early novels were based on his experience as a sailor, and the theme of the sea are his works Typee, a cannibal Eden (1846), Omoo (1847), Mardi (1849) and Redburn (1849).

His early novels quickly achieved great popularity and opened the doors of fame and success, but a fire in the workshops of her editor caused an economic downturn that forced him to work in the office in New York.

In 1851 he wrote Moby Dick and was dedicated to his friend Nathaniel Hawthorne. In this work, Melville introduced ethical and philosophical reflections that are also expressed in Pierre or the Ambiguities (1852), a dark allegorical exploration of the nature of evil.

The central theme of Moby Dick is the conflict between Captain Ahab, the whaler Pequod pattern, and the great white whale that had torn his right leg at the knee. Ahab, eager for revenge, blinded by his monomania, is released with all hands in a desperate search for his enemy.