Kim Kardashian Dares to Compare herself with Sophia Loren: The truth is that Kim has managed to come out of nowhere and become one of the most followed by the Hollywood area. She had the eye to create their own fashion empire and fame just that leverage the world’s most prestigious magazines.

Kim Kardashian Dares to Compare herself with Sophia Loren
Kim Kardashian And Sophia Loren

    This time the theme of her latest photo shoot has been making it all a diva from the fifties. Moreover, Kim Kardashian has dared to compare herself with Sophia Loren as she joked on the set where they made in shooting.

The latest collaboration that made the celebrity with a fashion magazine, made the illusion played a trick on her. Apparently, Kim Kardashian was so excited that unveiled the makeover revealing that she had done to the photo shoot, which did not sit well with the magazine.

This time, Kim was not due to agree the shameful past experience and has come to reveal both the hair and the dress she wore for the photo shoot, design hinted at and recognized her voluptuous ass.

We know that Kim Kardashian is so cute, that is like, but should not it be more cautious not to reveal the essence of a fashion?