Apple Talks to Integrate Twitter into iTunes

Apple Talks to Integrate Twitter into iTunes

Apple Talks to Integrate Twitter into iTunes: Apple seems to be interested using Twitter as integrated into various products. Following the path already marked with the integration of IOS, the company might be thinking that the microblog network is integrated into iTunes.

Since last year, Apple appreciates the idea of collaborating with Twitter to integrate the service network microblog in their operating systems and other products, according to The Wall Street Journal in his technology blog, Digits, a project that is now a reality for example in IOS.
Apple Talks to Integrate Twitter into iTunes   According to the paper said, citing sources close to both companies, negotiations between the two companies have failed to deepen, but the deal could come soon. The talks between the two companies value the future integration into products, enabling the union of Twitter and iTunes.

Apple is preparing to remove their own social network for iTunes, Ping, due to their lack of success. ITunes users can link their Twitter accounts and Ping to perform certain actions such as searching for supporters on both networks. In June, Apple admitted the poor reception of his music social network of users and announced its closure in the face of the new version of its operating system iOS6.

New details emerge amid new reports that Apple has considered an investment in Twitter. The New York Times reported last Friday that Apple and Twitter had been negotiating about a possible investment. Later, the Wall Street Journal reported that talks had taken place for over a year.

Twitter and Apple announced their integration into the mobile software with the release of IOS 5. This integration allows users who log on to Twitter from his iPhone to send links or photos to the microblog network through many of the applications smartphone from Apple.

As indicated by the Wall Street Journal, there is no clear cause for which the previous talks did not progress, but notes that, in any case would have been an unusual strategy for Apple, which usually make you choose or create their own technology services.

According to the newspaper, Twitter has also been long distrustful of the possible strategic investments with other companies like Microsoft and Google because they did not need the money and invest could limit the future possibilities of the company.