Princess Kate Middleton Latest Victim of Photoshop

Princess Kate Middleton Latest Victim of Photoshop

Princess Catherine Kate Middleton Latest Victim of Photoshop: The South African edition of Marie Claire has taken leave of the Prince Williams wife Kate Middleton appears in their August issue, all causing great controversy because it is a montage in Photoshop, notes the Daily Mail.

Princess Kate Middleton Latest Victim of Photoshop   Apparently, on the cover of this magazine announced: “Kate Middleton, royal new icon of fashion, uses the best layouts in South Africa“, for whom he attached a note in which he explains: “Of course not, but should. ”

Marie Claire is probably the only publication that has dared to put on its cover this woman who has established himself as an icon of fashion magazines worldwide and that many have dreamed of that star in their headers, but everything is conceived through the wiles of Photoshop.

And is that Marie Claire is targeted twice so that Catherine of Cambridge appears in its latest issue and also view one of the latest models of African designer, specifically, Clive Rundle, as noted in Daily Mail.

What I wanted this magazine is to pay tribute to the princess and within this number are four more pictures of Catherine wearing various designs of African artists.

Given the uproar caused by this shocking occurrence, the editor of this edition, Aspasia Karras, said to The Telegraph that “the cover is actually a hyper realistic illustration of Kate, is a tribute to the art of fashion by a new icon of royalty.

The truth is that, as shown in the cover, are photographs of good taste, but Photoshop traps are never an excuse, what will have to say Catherine of Cambridge to all this?