Instagram Supports Android Jelly Bean And Flickr

Instagram Supports Android Jelly Bean And Flickr

Instagram Supports Android Jelly Bean And Flickr: Instagram has just released an update for its application in mobile phones and tablets. With this new amendment, the social network that allows you to add filters to your photos and share them with others, it is compatible with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the latest operating system from Google.
Instagram Supports Android Jelly Bean And Flickr
Thus, the update enables the application is compatible with the new tablet Google, Nexus 7. In addition, Instagram adds the ability to use images that the user has stored on Flickr through the application menus. Thus, the social network increases the chances of user interaction with other external services.

The new update is now available on phones and tablets and aims to improve program performance. The application of Instagram, one of the first born to iPhone services to be available also for Android, you can download for free

Play with Google: Instagram, which in April became news after its acquisition by Facebook for a total of 1.000 million, is a social network with the highest number of active users.

The application is free and allows users to share photos, apply filters and effects to images and publish them on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

Although the application was initially designed for iPhone, its popularity has spread across a wide variety of devices such as iPhone, iPod and now the Nexus 7 from Google. Instagram has also become popular with Android smartphone platform and has recently added new services to its website, such as the ability to mark “Like” or comment on images.