London Olympic 2012 Opening Ceremony First By Google

London Olympic Opening Ceremony First By Google

London Olympic 2012 Games Opening Ceremony First By Google: The London Olympics give the green light on Friday with the opening ceremony. Around 22:00 pm London will go all out 15 days of sporting events that will keep viewers around the world pending the TV and all the news media picked up on the subject. However, Google is ahead of the ceremony by his unique tribute to your homepage of your browser.
London Olympic Opening Ceremony First By Google    The team from the Mountain View company welcomes the London 2012 Olympic Games with a new ‘doodle’. The homepage of the most famous Internet search engine changes its usual logo with a new illustration dedicated to some of the sports that everyone can see in this edition of the Olympic Games

The Google logo and abandons his characteristic red, yellow, green and blue and leaves room for Olympic athletes. Football, basketball, fencing, javelin, running and swimming-Olympic sports, are the protagonists of the Google homepage on Friday. Among the athletes displayed the logo of the company’s Mountain View on white.

By clicking on this small sports scene users are redirected to a Google results page related, of course, with the opening ceremony of the London Olympics to be held this Friday in London.

The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games is one of the best kept secrets by the organization as during the days and hours prior to commencement few details are known about what has been prepared to surprise viewers. This time the film director Danny Boyle has been commissioned to carry out all preparations. This ceremony will be held at London’s Olympic Stadium, built for the occasion.