Twitter Down But Problems Solved in Services


Twitter Down But Problems Solved in Services: The Social Network Twitter service has been restored by the company. The microblogging network operating normally again after some time of inactivity. From Twitter had acknowledged the finding but did not provide details on it.

twitter    For something less than an hour Twitter has been out of service. The company has confirmed that at 18.30 there was a problem in their systems that could cause its users experienced difficulties accessing the service. Through Twitter Status, the company promised that its engineers were working to restore service.

The company announced it has met and has made Twitter back to normal in less than an hour. Since Twitter is not specified the nature of the incident or the number of users affected, but the network of microblogs has returned to normal.

After resetting the service has seen the damage has affected users in different countries. Within seconds, the ‘hashtag’ ‘My Twitter’ has become one of the themes of time worldwide. In such a label, users have confirmed the service problems.

Although the problem has been resolved quickly, many users have not hesitated to discuss their feelings after losing microblogging network. Twitter has become a popular communication medium and its absence has given a little scare into more than one user.