Madonna Madness Unleashed in Barcelona and Clings to the Throne of Pop: Madonna has enchanted more than 20,000 people who crowded the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona, in a concert that has served to demonstrate that thinks cling fiercely to the throne of pop, as there have been even more indirect than obvious to which is postulated as her successor, Lady Gaga.

Madonna Madness Unleashed in Barcelona
Madonna Madness Unleashed in Barcelona

   Blonde Ambition has come to Spain to present the songs from his new album, ‘MDNA‘, and has done so at a concert over two hours of cinematic staging, choreography continuous in that they have not missed the mark symbols of the house, as religious iconography and his taste for extreme crucifixes.

At the top of an altar as a virgin totally covered with a black veil, crowned with a machine gun, Madonna has given the green light to ‘Girl Gone Wild’, shot almost literally, as it also has been armed in ‘Revolver ‘and’ Gang bang ‘, which has staged a bloody scene in a motel room.

The darkness and the Christian symbolism when he jumped on stage turned into majorette, and included a very personal message: he sang the chorus of ‘Born This Way‘ by Lady Gaga, perhaps to show the resemblance between the two – in its day said his disciple had copied -.

And that is just a tribute, the reference to the singer has been a puja, since just after repeating several times “She’s not me ‘, for if there was any doubt who occupies today the top of pop music .

At 54, Madonna has spent the concert jumping, climbing, tightrope walking on bungee cords, dragged along the ground or being hit by the dancers: the mantra ‘I’m bionic, supersonic I’ has been heard in the background while sang the odd song.

The first break has come close in Ecuador, where she sang ‘Masterpiece‘, the main theme of his latest film as director, ‘W.E’, who has sung with the group Basque Kalakan, which have been used to sing in Euskera ‘ Sagarra jo ‘, at the most exotic and surreal the whole recital.