Lee Sang Soon Superstar Girlfriend Lee Hyori: Lee Sang Soon showed affection and shared that his parents are supportive of his superstar girlfriend, Lee Hyori.

Lee Sang Soon Superstar Girlfriend Lee Hyori
Lee Sang Soon And His Superstar Girlfriend Lee Hyori

The June 14th broadcast of ‘Lee Hyori’s Social Club Golden 12‘ followed the cast of the reality show as they prepared for the BODA concert. Hyori’s boyfriend Lee Sang Soon was also present throughout the rehearsal as the concert’s music director.

During break, Hyori told the ‘Golden 12′ members, “Oppa’s mom and dad are coming,” surprising Lee Sang Soon.

The social club members remarked, “I’m nervous [for you],” and “Are you sure they won’t be surprised when they see Lee Hyori dance?” Hyori added, “[What if they disapprove and say] she’s no good.

However, Lee Sang Soon reassured her, “They might make a placard and bring it.

Yihyori Intensity Factor for parents cheered.

About her album cable channels aired June 14 oz tile sosyeolkeulreop Lee Hyo-ri’s Golden 12 ‘concert at the love life than’ (Bo; da) ‘look unveiled to prepare. Sterling yihyori day my boyfriend more than a total of concerts as music director in charge came up with from rehearsals.

Members of break in the waiting room with sosyeolkeulreop gathered about his album “(early) ohppane Mom and Dad coming,” he said. Than the end of sterling silver yihyori looked bewildered.

Sosyeolkeulreop members, “I will be nervous,” “yihyori was surprised when the dance Hath not one,” said worried. Sexy dance because Hyo prepared. Yihyori, too, “she’s not going to work. She’s not I will use (Is not he like you are),” he can rest shivered.

But at least sterling silver “made placards may come,” he told the family that has proven to cool. (Photo: oz tile sosyeolkeulreop Lee Hyo-ri’s Golden 12 ‘capture)