Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson Degree Scandal


Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson Step Down Resigned Degree Scandal: Update: Yahoo officially has confirmed Scott Thompson’s Departure in an official, placing Ross Levinsohn in CEO position. The firm also mentions that Roy Bostock’s seat as Chairman of the board will be filled by Fred Amoroso.

But Rumors circulated this morning Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson would step down from his position at the company Monday in the wake of a scandal involving his credentials for the position.

Scott claimed in his resume that he graduated with a degree in accounting and computer science in 1978 from Stonehill College. While the school confirms that Thompson does in fact have a degree in accounting, the school did not offer a computer science degree until 1983 that’s five years after Thompson graduated.

Scott Thompson, who stepped down as the chief executive officer of Yahoo Inc. over the weekend, has reportedly been diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Thompson, 54, told his colleagues about the diagnosis just before tendering his resignation from the search engine giant.

In recent weeks, the former PayPal president has faced criticism from Daniel Loeb, a Yahoo investor and the founder and CEO of hedge fund Third Point, for allegedly embellishing academic credentials on his resume. On May 7, Thompson issued an apology to employees for the brouhaha.