Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston Love Revealed

Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston Love Revealed
Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston Love Revealed

Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston Romance Revealed:  After several trysts at the Neverland ranch, Michael Jackson ended up falling in love madly with Whitney Houston and never managed to forget about it since the diva decided to break off their romance.

Their adventure came six years after Whitney had anything with the older brother of the King of Pop, Jermaine, as The Sun revealed last month. Now the British bodyguards Jackson has spoken openly revealing the innermost secrets of the artist in his most exclusive interview to date.

Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston Love Revealed
Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston Love Revealed

“I wanted so much to Michael, but I definitely think that it is time to uncover all that shocked me and disappointed me over the years. I am also sure that this affair will end with all these myths that say that Michael was a kind of pederast, “says Matt Fiddes.

In addition, the bodyguard goes further and explains why Jackson was helpless for years due to drug and alcohol abuse, was a Nazi sympathizer who needed psychiatric help, a desperate for attention, totally obsessed with his baldness, and plagued anorexic needle marks he called “spider bites”.


“One of the many stories that have never been told about Michael is that he had a top secret affair with Whitney Houston, who could never forget,” says Matt, who suggests that the two artists met in 1991 when both were already music superstars.

“They met because they were two of the greatest artists of the planet and moved in the same circles. They connected instantly as soul mates because they understood perfectly the massive fame of both,” he continues.

Thus, “Whitney practically moved to the ranch of Michael and had their adventure as any young couple. Michael said afterward that always wanted the relationship would have gone further and I know I dreamed of marrying her.”

His love affair only lasted two weeks but Matt points out that Jackson never forgot Whitney. A year later, the diva married Bobby Brown and ten years later, Houston and Michael met again.

It was in celebration of 30 years of the artist in pop music and, according to Fiddes, both “shared what would later be his last hugs and Michael Whitney begged him to stop the drugs that were destroying his life.”

Finally, Jackson and Houston died in frighteningly similar conditions: alone and hooked on drugs.