Angry Birds Space Record Breaking 50 Million Download: Angry Birds Space has become the fastest growing mobile game to date. The title of Rovio has managed to overcome the 50 million downloads in just 35 days. Angry Birds Space has managed to reach that number of downloads faster than any other mobile game to date.

Angry Birds Space Record Breaking 50 Million Download
Angry Birds Space

    In late March Rovio opens the new chapter of its flagship franchise, Angry Birds Space. After months of promotion, the company made ​​available to users anticipated title, in trying to win back users’ smartphones, ‘tablets’ and computers.

Angry Birds Space is not just another chapter in the saga set in a different scenario. Rovio has worked to expand the playability of the title. Although it may seem difficult to extend the simple game system, Rovio has achieved through the introduction of a variable in the title of gravity. Birds of Rovio, redesigned with more futuristic look, are affected by the pull of the planets and satellites passing through, making its release could lead to entirely new movements.

This new feature, along with the design, setting and game options have captivated users like never before. According to the company, the title has managed to overcome the 50 million downloads just 35 days after its release. This is another milestone in the history of Angry Birds, confirming this latest installment as the fastest mobile gaming has grown and has reached such a number of downloads.

Since Rovio wished to express its satisfaction with this result, for the reception of users and the success of his game. The company has said that he feels “deep gratutid for all fans of Angry Birds” and has said he will soon be “something big is coming.”