Lady Gaga Canceled Her Concert in Jakarta


Lady Gaga Tour in Singapore Canceled Her Concert in Jakarta: After being declared persona non grata person in Jakarta, the eccentric singer Lady Gaga has been forced to cancel the concert was to take place in the Indonesian city on 3 June.

Gaga has itself been responsible for giving bad news to her Asian fans. Through her personal Twitter profile singer has apologized to her followers. “We had to cancel a concert in Indonesia. I am sorry for the fans. I’m so devastated or more than you. You are everything to me,” said the singer.

The ‘mother monster’, as she says, has made clear, moreover, does not feel any resentment in the country. “I will try to do something special for you,” she says of his fans. “My love for Indonesia has only grown. Gaga send love to Jakarta and all his people” sentence.

Gaga thus ends the rumors that are invading day media. A few days ago, the police banned Muslim country to act in the country Yorker. But neither they nor their representatives Gaga said about it. Until now, when that has not been forced to suspend their concert.

Although, in just two weeks, 50,000 tickets were sold, the singer was branded satanic by the Islamists. A police spokesman in Jakarta, supported by the Council of Ulemas, the most important Islamic religious body in Indonesia, explained that “her clothes are too provocative and erotic.”


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