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Cyber Criminals Create a Big Brother Banking

Cyber Criminals Create a “Big Brother Banking”: The company Kaspersky Lab has detected a new threat that makes banking users victims of cyber crime. This is a new ‘plugin’ for SpyEye, one of the families of banker Trojans most used, which can record through the camera from the computer user images while you are stealing money.

Cyber Criminals Create a Big Brother Banking
Cyber Criminals Create a Big Brother Banking

    Cyber criminals observe user reaction is occurring when the robbery. The user enters their data in the bank’s site but the malware has changed the page code directly in the browser and after authorization, the user does not see the bank account but the malware creates a window that shows the message, for example, “Loading … Please wait …“.

At the same time, the malicious code injected is prepared to send the money stolen from the bank account of an accomplice. Once this is done, and to confirm the transaction, cyber criminals have to persuade the user to enter a secret code, they send you by SMS.

The program of hacker puts a request on the screen of the victim, such as: “We are strengthening our security measures. Please confirm your identity by entering the secret code sent to your phone.

“The new SpyEye uses the camera built into an infected computer to control the user of online banking. This plugin has a configuration file and a list of place names of German banks,” says security expert at Kaspersky, Dmitry Tarakanov, who discovered the new ‘plugin’ for SpyEye.

Muhammad Ali Zeeshan
Muhammad Ali Zeeshan
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