Lady Gaga Banned in Indonesia


Lady Gaga Banned in Indonesia: The world tour began in Asia and has been a success, but surely the singer has not had that criticism can lead to the cancellation of one of her concerts. The passing of Lady Gaga for Indonesia has been marred by the imposition of canceling his performance by the opposition that has arisen in the Islamists.

Apparently, Lady Gaga will have to cancel her only concert in Indonesia. The performance scheduled for June 3 caused the resistance of the hard-line Islamic groups and conservatives for the singer does not act there.

As reported by AP, a national police spokesman, Boy Rafli Amar, said he has been denied permission to act Lady Gaga in Indonesia and for which he had sold 52,000 tickets.

The more conservative Islamist line has gained notoriety for their protests in Indonesia over the apparel used in concert Lady Gaga, who qualify as provocative. And claim that the performance of the pop diva will harm young Indonesians.

It will destroy the morale of the nation. Muslims are prepared to prevent the holding of the concert,” has challenged the head of the Islam Defenders Front (FPI), Salim Assegaf, told The Jakarta Post.

It seems that the eccentric Lady Gaga show, which is sheathed in dresses that emulate flesh and appears to be hung like an edible piece, not think too much more conservative lines of the Asian country. In South Korea banned the entry to their concerts under 18 years precisely because of opposition from conservatives.

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