Charlize Theron and Kriste Stewart New Fashion The Transparencies: Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart starred in a curious time to dress designs guess that left her curves, but differently.

Charlize Theron and Kriste Stewart New Fashion
Charlize Theron and Kriste Stewart The Transparencies

They braved the changeable weather in London and both actresses were planted in Leicester Square to present his latest work Snow White and the legend of the hunter in which Charlize plays and Kristen poor to good.

But the harsh reality exchanged roles. Kristen had to live the typical time to ‘fatal’m running with my dress’ to see the beautiful design of Christian Dior was wearing Charlize Theron.

Although Kristen had chosen Marchesa to dress in this release, the wrong design, choosing the dress-probably-most inappropriate for this type of event. She chose a dress of black tone transparencies combined with lace.

The truth is that this design has so much criticism that there would be no where to start. The way that covers the chest, sleeves, waist and even the detail in the feathers of the back, all combined with translucent tissue, is indescribable.

However, the delicate, simple and elegant design Charlize got its own light shine on the red carpet and, unfortunately, left in a bad place to co-star Kristen Stewart.

Charlize did an outstanding styling: black shoes and clutch in combination with emerald jewelry, managed to emphasize the look as sober yet daring through the transparencies.