Kim Sun Ah Captain Park’s Surprise Message

Kim Sun Ah
Actress Kim Sun Ah

Kim Sun Ah Captain Park’s Surprise Message: “Actress Kim Sun Ah Ah has received a special support message from soccer sensation Park Ji Sung of Manchester United.”

“Kim Sun Ah updated her official Facebook page on May 30 with the message:”

“Park Ji Sung has sent a message of support, a day before the premiere of ‘I Do I Do He hoped that I won’t faint during a recording, that I have strength until the end’”Captain Park has such good sense! I have actually been having a hard time due to my tight schedule, but thanks to his supportive message, I feel heartened! I’ll do my best until the very end! Thank you so much~ I’m so thankful that I feel like tears are coming”
Please tune into ‘I Do I Do’ airing at 9:55PM KST tomorrow!”
“P.S. Park Ji Sung has also given a surprise present for me to give to fans! Park Ji Sung’s signed soccer ball event will begin soon^^ Please look foward to it Kim Sun Ah !”

Kim Sun Ah
Actress Kim Sun Ah

“The attached photo above shows the soccer player with a signed soccer ball that reads, “Sun Ah noona. ‘I Do I Do’ is daebak! Fighting!”

“Fans that came across the post left comments such as, “Sun Ah noona, good luck on the recordings,” “Wow, daebak,””Will definitely be tuning in,” “Just a few more hours until the first episode airs! So excited,” and more Kim Sun Ah.”