Choi Min Soo Revealed Ghost Fighting Stories

최민수 Choi Min Soo (Choe Min Su)

Choi Min Soo Revealed Ghost Fighting Stories for Two Years: Actor Choi Min received a cleared elderly shut himself up in an assault on life and living with a ghost has been reported confession.

최민수 Choi Min Soo (Choe Min Su)Choi Min MBC entertainment program aired on the 18th of the ‘Golden Fishery – Radio Star’ (hereinafter ‘Radio Star’) appeared on the “virgin chipgeojung was living with a ghost,”

said “There are ghosts in the studio right now,” he told them strained MC .

Choi Min “The sleep I wake up the ghost standing in front of my face looking at me,” said, “ghosts and loud my behavior when I follow the ‘quiet’ to tell him quietly,” he revealed anecdotes with a ghost.

Following “One day I spit sick hado shoulder hit, but a shaman said that the demon on my shoulder. Pressing the cold shoulder, the demon bear a heavy feeling came did not look back, “said” well, I see a ghost, “he calmly told them MC was saddened.

On the other hand, the recently aired TV coming on the 25th MBC drama ‘haereulpumeundal’ luxury Supporting jeongeunpyo, Sunwoo And Moses, the number of Eung will perform.