Jessica Simpson Recovering From Childbirth In Luxury Suite

Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson Recovering From Childbirth In Luxury Suite: Jessica Simpson had to receive the best care after giving birth to her little Maxwell Drew Johnson. The actress, singer and designer staying at the hospital that has the best post-partum suites.

Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson

    The luxury hotel where she has given birth to Jessica Simpson is in Los Angeles and Cedars-Sinai is famous for offering the best VIP suites for moms. The stay in this exclusive room reaches a staggering amount of almost $ 4000 a day, more than 3000 euros.

It’s been so long has waited for the actress who could not stay in any hospital. It seems that Jessica has studied carefully the services offered by other clinics and this is the one that convinced him.

The truth is that Jessica Simpson has always boasted of taking care of inside and out and Cedars-Sinai have exclusive services in only 4 luxury suites, hence the price.

The room where Jessica Simpson is staying with her ​​newborn and her husband is unique. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large flat screen television, a wide variety of chilled drinks and a letter of muffins.

Moreover, as one would expect, Cedars-Sinai has the exclusive manicure and pedicure for the newly released mothers and a private dinner for two postpartum. For more than 300 euros, what more could you want?

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