Google Chrome Would Reach the Apple Store


Google Chrome Would Reach the Apple Store:┬áThe search giant might be working on a version of Google Chrome for Apple products. Although Chrome is available in beta for Android terminals with IceCream Sandwich, this browser can be operational for Apple’s mobile devices. If Chrome comes to IOS would be a win for both companies, since Google pays Apple for searching through Safari.

Android 4.0 devices can now enjoy Chrome since last February in beta. The browser features Google Play and other features among which the ability to search, browse and explore “quickly.” The pages appear instantly, search and navigation can be done quickly since the Chrome address bar and you can synchronize your desktop and the terminal through Chrome. Also, it is possible to access an unlimited number of tabs.

Now the web browser could also get Apple products, according to analyst Ben Schacter assured of Macquarie to Business Insider, later this quarter, mid-to late-June or later than the end of 2012.

The fact that Chrome comes to Apple is a big business, and will decrease the amount of money Google paid to Cupertino for the use of Google searches in the native browser Safari. Google pays Apple currently between 50 and 60 percent share of revenues from searches conducted through Safari.

This web browser has always been widely accepted by users as it ranks second behind Internet Explorer browsers used. The problem for Google is that Safari would still be the default browser, although users of these devices using IOS Chrome, applications are open right through the Safari browser.

If Chrome were to Apple products, the owners of these devices can also synchronize your computer with your terminal. This option is the Safari browser does not offer and this can be a competitive advantage for Chrome. Although the Cupertino have a solution that allows you to do something very similar: icloud.


  1. I use RockMelt, it’s made by Chrome and it links all your feeds right into a sidebar;, lets you use Facebook chat wenvheer you’re online, without having to be on Facebook; and their latest feature is View Later which is like a short list of temporary bookmarks. Like Chrome, it has spell check built in, and a translator built in, and Chrome apps work on it. I have never actually used Chrome, but I have heard a lot about it.

  2. I use Firefox 4, because it has a lot of rellay cool stuff, and it’s fast. It’s everything Chrome has, plus more. Internet Explorer is a fail, Chrome is ok, but it sticks all the time, and I think it’s slower, Safari is boring, and I’ve never heard of Camino.

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