Facebook Increases The Size of Its IPO by 25%


Facebook Increases The Size of Its IPO by 25% to 15000 Million: The social network Facebook will increase the size of its initial public offering (IPO) by 25 percent to raise about 15,000 million dollars (11,788,000 euros), has assured a source familiar with the matter, as the demand for investors for a strong social network of the Internet’s number one triumphed over the ongoing debate about long-term potential of the company Mark Zuckerberg to make money.

Facebook, founded eight years ago by Mark Zuckerberg in his room at Harvard, will add about 85 million shares at its IPO, hovering around 422 million shares in an offering that is expected this Friday, said the source told Reuters Tuesday, which requested anonymity because the information was confidential.

The extension of the IPO, along with recently announced plans to increase the range Facebook’s IPO price, the IPO become the social network’s third largest in U.S. history after Visa and General Motors. Facebook declined to comment on the extension of the IPO.

On Tuesday, the company General Motors (GM) said it plans to withdraw advertising in Facebook, underscoring concerns about revenue growth. GM’s announcement should not affect the reception of the IPO for now, as it may not be representative of the attitude of advertisers generally said an analyst at Fundamental Research Group, Brian Wieser.

The demand for the IPO probably will not be substantially affected by this,” said Wieser. But he said he probably had a lot of calls between subscribers and investors following the announcement of GM.

The IPO, the largest in Silicon Valley, overshadowed the debut of approximately 2,000 million (1,571 million euros) of Google in 2004.

The social network Mark Zuckerberg raised the target price range of between 34 and $ 38 (26.7 and 29.8 euros) per share in response to strong demand from 28 to $ 35 (22 and 27.5 euros), according to a filing on Tuesday, valuing the company at approximately 93,000 million (73,090 million euros) to 104 million dollars (81,735,000 euros), rivaling the market value of the powers of Internet such as Amazon.com and higher than Hewlett-Packard and Dell together.