“George Bush Placed” the inspiration for Johnny Depp to portray Willy Wonka


“George Bush placed” the inspiration for Johnny Depp to portray Willy Wonka: “To play Willy Wonka started thinking about how George Bush would be incredibly high.” Johnny Depp does not mince words when it comes to revealing what were his sources of inspiration when preparing the character of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

During an interview with Elle Degeneres in your program confessed that he had “come to mind George Bush an incredibly high” when configuring the interpretation of this character that starred Gene Wilder and in 1971.

After the laughter throughout the audience and the host itself, Depp said that when it passes from “the first ten pages of a script” will “begin to come to mind images.” So it was “born the image of George Bush placed”.

Given this statement Degeneres itself could only add that “now everyone will want to back up to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

“I mixed a newborn with one of those dogs are so adorable that you love them unconditionally,” Depp said when DeGeneres asked again about another of his characters, the young man who had scissors for fingers in Edward Scissorhands.

That 1990 film was the actor and director who began a romance film that has given birth to such charismatic characters as the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland or the Demon Barber of Fleet Street in Sweeney Todd. A fruitful partnership that continues now with Tenebrous Shadow (Dark Shadows), where Depp plays the vampire Barnabas Collins and which opens this weekend.