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Gao Yuan Yuan Caught Dating With Mark Chao


Gao Yuan Yuan Caught Dating With Mark Chao: Taiwan actor Mark Chao (赵又廷) and his girlfriend China actress Gao Yuanyuan (高园园) were caught on camera holding hands while taking a walk the other night.

Gao Yuan Yuan Caught Dating With Mark Chao
Gao Yuan Yuan Caught Dating With Mark Chao

But all that changed when Chao openly gushed about how happy he is in the relationship during a promotional event on Thursday, reported Taiwan media.

Chao said he liked “everything” about Gao and valued having her in his life, adding that he is “very, very happy” with her.

The “Monga” star also downplayed media reports that claimed his father had previously expressed that their relationship will need work.

“My father’s words weren’t like that. Everyone had misunderstood… he didn’t mean he was not optimistic about the relationship,” said Chao.

The 28-year-old actor went on to clarify that he has not met Gao’s parents yet and had not yet popped the question, though he intends to marry her eventually and would meet with her parents “quite soon”.

When asked if he is concerned that his relationship with Gao would hurt his showbiz career, Chao said he was not the least bit worried.

“I am an actor, not an idol, there is no baggage,” Chao said.
The couple has not made public their relationship yet. Mark, 27, and Yuanyuan, 32, got along well while shooting director Chen Kaige’s (陈凯歌) Searching (搜索) late last year.

In late March, a netizen claimed the two spent five romantic nights at a hotel in Nanjing, where Mark is shooting his new film.

Mark, who shot to fame for his heroic role in Taiwan’s popular TV series Black & White (痞子英雄), previously dated actress Janine Chang.


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