Charlie Sheen In the New Trailer of ‘Anger Management’


Charlie Sheen In the New Trailer of ‘Anger Management’: If the first trailer for their new series, ‘Anger Management’, Charlie Sheen resurrected from the dead, this time the element of surprise has been to derail a train, coincidences of life, was the cause of death in ‘Two and a Half Men’.

Aware that the controversy over the death of the character that made ​​him one of the highest paid actors on television remains in force, Sheen has not hesitated to re-launch a ‘little message’ to their former colleagues.

In just 30 seconds that this development we see Sheen face to face with a train moving toward him at full speed. But, how could it be otherwise, the actor can only machine.

In the video the actor train derails, element-by chance-caused his death on the hit CBS series, then finish with an ‘innocent’: “Come on … everyone deserves a twenty-fourth chance.”

    And, in ‘Anger Management’, Charlie Sheen is a therapist “unconventional” who specializes in anger. In these circumstances you will find Denise Richards that, besides being a potential patient, will be the partner of his former girlfriend.