Barack Obama Is Full of Praise for David Beckham: The team captained by David Beckham was invited to the White House and the president in his speech, did not hesitate to skip the protocol and joke with the players making Beckham the star of the event.

Barack Obama Full of Praise for David Beckham
Barack Obama Full of Praise for David Beckham

    Los Angeles Galaxy team was honored for winning Major League Soccer United States, but David Beckham got to be the center of attention thanks to the special mention made ​​Barack Obama on his success on and off the field.

“David Beckham is the man,” Obama said turning around on stage and pointing to the player from the laughter of classmates. In Obama was seen showing favoritism duster with this gesture also was the story of the day.

In his speech, Barack Obama attempted to define the British player, captain of the Los Angeles Galaxy, expressing his admiration for a man who, with 37 years, is still a player “hard” in the field and the “weird” it turns out that has his own line of lingerie, the President said jokingly.

After the fun tribute, David Beckham was on hand to give the U.S. president a football with the signing of the entire team and Los Angeles Galaxy jersey with the number 1 and his name printed on the back.

That’s how happy he was Barack Obama, who got started the laughter of all the Los Angeles Galaxy and the touch of humor to the day.